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Osvaldo in varie colorazioni arcobaleno

Who is Osvaldo?

Paolo Pastorino (born 1974), also known by the name of Urban701, is an Italian artist and designer famous for his “Osvaldo”, the iconic characters inspired by the world of comics and the pop culture of the 80s that take shape in his unmistakable sculptures, but also in paintings, installations and graphic works.

Why is Osvaldo different from other ArtToys?

Born from its creator’s artistic experience in the ceramic and digital fields of over forty years, Osvaldo stands out for its uniqueness and the artisanal production process that makes each piece a unique object.

Unlike other Art Toys on the market, Osvaldo is not mass-produced, but each example is created by hand. This means that each item is unique and a true piece of art, made with love and dedication by the artist.

Attention to detail is a fundamental element in the creation of each Osvaldo, but not just perfection, to make it unique and precious each Osvaldo has small imperfections that make each Osvaldo one of a kind. These small imperfections give each Osvaldo its own personality and identity. Each piece tells its own story, and the fact that it was handmade gives it added value in terms of authenticity and originality.

Therefore, if you are looking for an Art Toy that is different from all the others on the market, Osvaldo is the perfect choice. Its artisanal creation and its small defects make it a unique piece, which will surely be appreciated by anyone who loves art and creativity.

Osvaldo and the art of Emotion.

Art and Emotion are two important characteristics that Osvaldo manages to combine perfectly in his unique style. Through his ability to touch the dynamics of emotional memory, Osvaldo manages to create a bridge between past and future, offering the opportunity to express our inner child, who marvels at even the simplest things. Osvaldo invita gli spettatori a fare un viaggio nel proprio passato, a riscoprire ricordi e contemporaneamente a guardare al futuro, aprendo le porte a nuove forme di espressione artistica. La scultura di Osvaldo rappresenta un invito a lasciarsi andare alla fantasia, alla meraviglia e alla creatività.

Osvaldo Diabolik & Eva Kant